I hate to say it, but summer is ending. Never is there a bigger indication of its demise than “back-to-school” season.  While I’m no longer a student, this time of year makes me want to go out and buy pencils, pull out my long-sleeved shirts and read a classic novel. I realize some of you may not long for an old, beat-up Bantam the way I do so here are a few books that pay hommage to a some titles we all once read… Just in case your patrons would like to add “classic”ally-inspired reads to their Fall lists.


If you liked Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, try Karen Maitland’s Company of Liars (out 9/30).



If you long to go back to the Mississippi, Finn by John Clinch provides a new take on the characters of Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.



Indulge your inner sixth-grader and go back to Neverland (well, kind of) with Tigerheart, a take on J.M. Barrie’s, Peter Pan.


 If biographies are more your thing, check out Jane Austen, A Life; Shakespeare, A Biography; and The Bronte Myth.

And I can’t resist… For the purists, I include The Annotated Pride and Prejudice, the first ever fully annotated edition of Jane Austen’s beloved classic.


I've got that "Back-to-School" feeling…

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