Want your book groups to read something new, topical and intriguing? Add these books to your list and let the conversations flow!


 THE TRANSLATOR – Daoud Hari – Written in an endearing and humbling voice, this book takes readers into the Sudan region of Darfur and the genocide that author, Daoud Hari, risked his life to bring to the world’s attention while working as a translator for American and British journalists.


PRETTY IS WHAT CHANGES – Jessica Queller – A sure pick for women’s groups, this book is also for anyone who has thought about the effects genetic developments and genetic testing have on our lives. Author Jessica Queller’s decision to be tested for the BRCA (breast cancer) gene and the decisions she made thereafter are explored in this engrossing and thought-provoking memoir.


LOOK ME IN THE EYE -John Elder Robison -Allowing the reader to see the world as he does, John Elder Robison, brother of Running with Scissors author Augusten Borroughs, chronicles a life lived with Asperger’s Syndrome (a high-functioning form of autism) in this wonderfully written book.



THE 19TH WIFE – David Ebershoff – The lone novel in the bunch, this is my most recent Random Revelations staff pick. To read why this timely, informative and entertaining novel will get your book club members talking click
here. Also check out the book’s website here.




Books to Spark Some Real Discussion!

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