Tomorrow is a big day, is your library prepared?  One of the biggest buzz books of the summer will be releasing, Andrew Davidson’s The Gargoyle.  It was impossible to go to a Random House, Inc. meeting this summer without someone talking about this Doubleday August 5th publication.  Well, after months of our work to promote this in-house favorite, tomorrow is the big day and we can only hope the rest of the world likes it as much as we do.  I have a sneaking suspicion that will be the case; this book is a publicity powerhouse.  Check out the Burned by Love site, 159 fans have already posted their own “burn” stories.  The Gargoyle is a book that defies quick description (I know, I tried to describe it in less than 60 seconds and failed miserably) except to say that you’ve never read anything like it.  The author does a much better job than I did.  Check out the video.  Check out the book.  Check out your holds. 


[youtube s0JGbtc5QUw]

Don't Let Your Library Get Burned By Love

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