That’s the question people are asking, in reference to the new movie trailer for The Watchmen, debuted in most places before the record-breaking Dark Knight film. What they really should be asking is, “Have you read this?” After putting it off for over a year after several of my friends simultaneously told me to read it, I finally did back in January. I won’t blather on about it. Look it up on Amazon. The gushing adulation you’ll find there is completely justified. 

Upon seeing the movie trailer for the first time, I was hit with major doses of excitement and disquiet. Excitement because the trailer is so perfectly done, and disquiet because I have no idea how they’re going to pull it all off. I hate it when they don’t pull it off, especially for books I love. Either way, a trailer like this is certainly going to drive curious people to the library, so be sure to have it in your collections, en masse.

[youtube R3orQKBxiEg]


Have you seen this?

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