The Wonder Woman theme song is popular in the Lepore household, with the kids singing “fighting for your rights, in your satin tights!”  Hear Jill Lepore discuss this and the historical detective work she passionately pursued to reveal the origin of one of American popular culture’s most iconic figures—a story that hides within it not […]

Perennial critics’ favorite Ha Jin is winning his usual advance praise. See below for some great quotes. Another essential addition to any multicultural collection. “Requiem is necessary testimony…Jin’s loyal readers will notice a bluntness—jarringly effective here—different from his previous works, as if Jin, too, must guard himself against the horror, the horror.” –Library Journal, starred […]

Two more great reviews have rolled in for THE LAST WEREWOLF, Glen Duncan’s latest imaginative, cerebral novel about a world-weary werewolf. Here’s an excerpt from the NY Times: It’s easy to see why werewolves might feel under-celebrated these days. While vampires and zombies have stormed the multiplexes and best-seller lists, and Dr. Frankenstein’s monster has […]