Ben H. Winters, author of The Last Policeman, and Countdown City, shares this salute to libraries: Dear librarians,  Thank you for stocking our books, and recommending them, and most importantly for giving us a place to write them. I am happiest working at the library and I’d bet my MacBook a lot of other authors […]

  From Kim Nielsen, author of A Disability History of the United States: One of my strongest childhood sensory memories is of sitting outside in all of the weather conditions that Minnesota could provide, astride one of the cement lion statues guarding the steps of my local library. There I would sit in multiple worlds: […]

From Deb Caletti author of He’s Gone My library love has been steadfast since childhood.  I understood right away that every set of library doors were magic portals to other lands.  Dinosaurs and presidents and girl detectives!  An abundance of adventure, in a haven of order and safety.   From then on, I needed the library.  […]

  From Jamie Ford, author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and the upcoming Songs of Willow Frost The most memorable library I’ve ever visited is one you’ve never heard of. It’s located inside the Coyote Ridge Correctional Center—a medium security prison in Connell, Washington, where men of all ages are serving terms […]

  Deborah Schneider author of The Mexican Slow Cooker I get the kind of thrill from walking into a library that most people would experience if they were dropped invisible into See’s candy factory. My personal black hole is the non-fiction section, where I love to lose myself in anything at all – Dior and […]

  By Chris Bohjalian, author of The Light in the Ruins If you really want to irritate Marti Fiske, bring up Marian the Librarian. Marian was the prim and proper River City librarian with sensible shoes from “The Music Man.” Or just sidle up to someone at the Dorothy Alling Memorial Library in Williston, Vermont, […]