What We're Reading

This month, we’re focusing on the Dewey 900s, the section of the library which houses books on geography, genealogy, travel, and history. Our recommended list features nearly 100 titles by award-winning authors including Nathaniel Philbrick, Art Spiegelman, Ron Chernow, and Barbara W. Tuchman. Which history titles do you suggest to your readers? Which books offer […]


This month, we’re focusing on the Dewey 800s—literature, rhetoric, drama, essays, poetry, and criticism. On the recommended list, you’ll find over 100 titles including essential writing guides (such as Lamott’s Bird By Bird, Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones, and McCann’s Letters to a Young Writer); Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies; the Ancient Greek plays of Aeschylus and […]

What We're Reading

“Whenever I listen to music, I do so without preconceptions, simply opening my ears to the more wonderful passages and physically taking them in. When those wonderful passages are there, I feel joy, and when some parts are not so wonderful, I listen with a touch of regret.” —Haruki Murakami, Absolutely on Music This month, we’re focusing […]

What We're Reading

“To know a new language, to immerse yourself, you have to leave the shore. Without a life vest. Without depending on solid ground,” writes Jhumpa Lahiri in her captivating memoir, In Other Words. For the Pultizer prize-winning author, the process of learning Italian involves committing to grammatical exercises, pronunciation practices, and constant consultations of the […]

What We're Reading

On our fourth trip through the Dewey Centuries, we’re focusing on the 300s—where under the big umbrella of social sciences, we find books on economics, education and ethnic studies, constitutional law, governments and urban planning. In this recommended list of 75 titles, you’ll find both classical works such as More’s Utopia and Marx’s Communist Manifesto […]

What We're Reading

With topics ranging from atheism to Zen Buddhism, including canonical and contemporary spiritual texts, the 200s section of the library is frequented by readers of history, philosophy, faith, and religion. Among the nearly 100 books featured in this month’s list are distinguished literary translations, inspiring spiritual memoirs, engaging sermons of social consciousness, and thought-provoking reflections […]