Today for Libs on Film we visit Sesame Street!!! The Cookie Monster in Library clip is a classic. Our favorite blue monster comes into the library and exclaims “Wow. Look at all these books. Me never seen so many books before.” Cookie Monster after falling over a waste-paper basket and being shh-ed by the librarian […]

Today as part of Libs on Film we will be viewing something horrifying: a beautiful library blown to pieces thanks to Sean Connery and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Must you always be so dramatic Mr. Connery? We know, we know it’s often for the greater good, but those poor books, we weep. Another disturbing […]

I would have loved to gone to Hogwarts and spent hours in their library. It was so magical. Filled to the brim with hundreds of ancient beautifully-bound books. In this scene Hermione and Harry discuss going to the highly anticipated Christmas party in the Hogwarts library in the film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. […]

Mystery, intrigue, and the classic “Mr. Yum Yum” aka Indiana Jones aka Harrison “Han Solo” Ford, famed adventurer and world-known archaeologist. What more could you want in a movie? Maybe to be Annette Benning on the weekends:) In the second installment of the film series, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, our hero Indy finds himself […]